You Can Grow Your Own Avocado Tree With This Kit for Just $24

Growing your own food is one major thing you can do to lead a more sustainable life. It reduces carbon emissions and waste and also allows you to steer clear of ingesting pesticides and other harmful fertilizers. So why not start?

Fortunately, Amazon is selling this little gadget that will help you kickstart your own sustainable foodie lifestyle–by growing your very own avocado tree.

Called the AvoSeedo, this tiny plastic device helps the whole process move along right. All you have to do is take your avocado seed, peel it, and place it in water. Avocado seeds usually take 3-6 weeks to open and begin to grow, but if the process takes longer, just be patient. They can be slow, but most avocado pits will start to grow at some point.

When your sprouting avocado plant has leaves and is about 20 centimeters, you can remove the pit from the AvoSeedo and plant it in a larger pot with some good soil. And when it finally becomes too big for its container, you can move your baby avocado tree to the backyard and keeping growing from there.

AvoSeedo Plant pot how to video from Daniel Kalliontzis on Vimeo.

What’s your alternative? The toothpick method.

How To Grow An Avocado Tree Indoors
Source: Wikipedia

Some amateur avocado farmers swear by the “toothpick method” for growing avocado trees. One Amazon reviewer writes that the AvoSeedo is a much better option.

“Both methods work—and we’ve done both—but this one is a more colorful, charming, and effective,”

the review reads. “As the water evaporates between water changings, the AvoSeedo simply floats down to that level. Toothpicks stay stationary on the container’s rim.”

Do you remember doing the toothpick method in school? AvoSeedo like a lot less hassle—and a lot more fun!

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