This Portable Washing Machine Lets Me Live My Weekend Dreams

Doing anything in the City is harder than it needs to be. And laundry is literally THE WORST. In the two years I’ve lived here, I’ve grudgingly toted laundry bags to my corner laundromat and paid a small fortune for the privilege of a communal washer. That ended last week. I’m SICK of having to plan my weekends around 30-minute trips to and from the laundromat, so I decided to invest in a portable washing machine so I can live my dream: never leaving my house on the weekend.

Enter the Think Gizmo portable washing machine.


1. It fits way more than you’d think it would.

You can fit about eight pounds in the washer and about four pounds in the spin dryer. Some Amazon review say they, “one pair of jeans and a few T-shirts in one load,” Nope! You can do full fitted sheet, two pillowcases, five undershirts, six pairs of underwear, and at least six pairs of socks. Your mileage my vary. Especially if your stuff is, uh, bigger. But you can still get some serious washing action done!

2. It uses very little electricity per cycle.

A standard 15-minute wash or spin cycle uses 0.02 KWH. The same full 15-minute cycle but on “gentle” uses 0.01 KWH. Spin-drying can take anywhere between 0.01 KWH and 0.02 KWH. Translation: 25 full washes will cost you less than a single quarter.

Yep. And I used to hoard my quarters for laundry.

3. It’s soooo quiet.

Yes, even more so than my air purifier. I have absolutely zero fear of my neighbors complaining or even hearing all my little clothes going round and round.

I used to have a stackable washer and dryer when I lived in a much larger apartment in the burbs. The spin cycle always sounded like a jet engine was about ready to land on my places. This Think Gizmo portable washer purrs by comparison.

4. Water Conservation

The water capacity is 10 gallons. But I think the machine works better to be most efficient if you don’t add more than 6. Where I live in NYC, it’s common for the landlord to pay the water bill, but I’m still used to paying for water and am totally paranoid about wasting it. How much does it cost? If you’re using over-price $4 (and

5. You save on detergent.

You shouldn’t over-suds-up the machine, as the more soap, the more rinse cycles you’ll have to do. A few ounces of Tide and a hearty dose of fabric softener works amazing. Which means, you can afford to get fancy with premium detergents

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