These 37 Quotes from Kids Are So Honest They Are Wise Beyond Their Years

Everyone knows that kids can say some really honest things. Sometimes, these quotes can be cute or funny. Sometimes they sound so simple and wise they make you forget how hard life can be. We found this treasure trove of cute quotes and some of them just melted our hearts!

This quote wins full points for being technically and emotionally true.


You know what she means. It’s close enough, right?

I don’t know about you, but I would feel hurt if a 6 year old said this to me. But, 6 year olds have places to go and people to see. They don’t have time for everyone.

Greeting people when you get home is a good habit. Greeting ingredients… probably not required.

10 years old and gaming the system? Or just sour grapes? You decide.

How many times have I thought this, but not actually had the courage to just admit it!

Puffy Lux

Today’s word is “hangry”. Get that kid a snack!


I love this quote so much. You know what? You can probably have both.


Well, maybe like tai-chi.

Mom knows everything. You might even be hangry.

So true. So true, anonymous 6 year-old.

You won’t miss it! You’ll remember it! Well, not much of it. You’re seven.

I’m not sure those are mutually exclusive. Or that getting a husband means you get the second either.

Puffy Lux

That’s confidence.

Snacklife priorities.

This could have described my weekend too, kid.


The cake is a lie.

That’s a good way to say it!

When you have more happy than sad, that is okay.

I laughed really hard at this. I really wish the word “anonymous” was replaced with Lizard on this one.

I think Ellie’s been reading quotes on the Internet.

Not if you have to go to summer school!

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This is really sweet. But also… kind of weird.

Awwwww, this is sooo sweet!

Honey, many people probably shoulda.

I’m not either. I’m not either.

There is deep wisdom in this one.

Wait ’til she learns that her grandfather is her mom’s dad. Mind. Blown.

First, because it would leave out Friday. Second… no, two weekends is a great idea.

I want Noah’s confidence.

If there’s a password on the microwave, we wonder what else Britton has tried to microwave.

Hmm. Perhaps we should rethink this schooling thing.

It is. But I don’t get the August meanies yet.

That’s a pretty complicated thought from five-year old Joey. And it’s not wrong.

This kid is going to end up writing names for paint color swatches.

Puffy Lux

There’s no time like the present!

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