The Internet Is Obsessed With This Rosé Spray Bottle

Calling all plant parents: your rose spray bottle is here. You can now buy a flower mister that looks *exactly* like a wine bottle, so your greenery can rosé all day too.

Although it’s manufactured by a hair company called Framar, and is therefore meant for your hair, folks on the internet have decided it’s the perfect way to water your plants and quench your rosé thirst.

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Fridays Are For Rosé. 💗🍷

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“A conversation piece on its own, we give you the limited-edition Spray with Rosé Bottle,” the site description reads. “Meant for water, but we won’t tell if you crack it out after hours.”

Although we can’t instruct you to fill your spray bottle with wine, we’re definitely not saying it’s a good idea (hint hint). Spraying might not be the most efficient way to drink your rosé, but there are definitely worse ways.

The Famar rosé spray bottle holds about 9 ounces of liquid, has a uniform adjustable sprayer, and costs about $10.

It’s also not the *only* of its kind. In case you’re not a rosé fan (and why not?), Framar is also selling a Jack Daniels version. It is shaped and designed to look like the famous whiskey and has the same style sprayer.

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