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Parents are raving about a $30 toy Dyson vacuum for kids that actually cleans floors

Children are experts at creating a mess in the time it takes for you to run out and grab something from the other room — and toys only seem to add to the clutter. So, come holiday season, it’s no surprise that some parents want to send out their kids’ wish lists with the words “NO TOYS PLEASE!!!” at the top.

That’s why this gift from Dyson is one that keeps on giving. The vacuum company now makes a miniature version of its ball vacuum for kids. It’s the perfect size and height for children to push around the house. But the best part? It actually vacuums!

dyson ball vacuum toy

The price varies—starting at about $25 on Amazon—based on the color you select: red, purple, pink or yellow. (Not every color is available for Amazon Prime.)

Your little mess-makers can merrily “play” while actually picking up small pieces of paper and dirt with their Dyson’s suction switched on. That’s right — they’ll be cleaning up without even realizing it.

Of course, this vacuum isn’t as strong as a full-size Dyson, so don’t expect them to be able to clean the entire house. But how great is it that your kid can keep busy and have fun while also tidying up around the house?

People seem to love this “toy”, giving it an average of four out of five stars with over 2,700 reviews on Amazon.


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