‘P.S. I Love You’ Is Getting a Sequel and I’m Crying

Fans of P.S. I Love You: ready to cry your heart out? Because best-selling author Cecelia Ahern announced she finished her sequel to international bestseller, P.S. I Love You, and you’ll be able to read it very soon.

Sequel Announcement

“I have BIG NEWS!” Ahern writes. “I’ve written the sequel to P.S. I LOVE YOU – titled POSTSCRIPT. POSTSCRIPT will be published September 19th in the UK & Ireland. I hope you’ll welcome back Holly… & Gerry…& that reading it will be as emotional for you as it was for me”.

When Ahern was 21, she published P.S. I Love You. The romantic novel follows married couple Holly and Gerry, until Gerry dies from a brain tumor. While Holly struggles with her grief, she discovers that Gerry left behind 10 letters for her to open. She finds that each one contains messages from the love of her life. He signs off each letter with “P.S I love you.”

The book quickly propelled Ahern to fame. She wrote 15 other novels after her her success. Her books have sold 25 million copies in more than 40 countries in 30 languages. In 2007, P.S. I Love You became even more popular when it was turned into a film starring Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler. We hope for good things in this sequel!

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