An Otter Playing with His Pet Rock

Otters are adorable. You know all about the otter-holding hand meme.

But did you know that otters have a pet rock? Yep! An otter typically finds a river stone and keeps it with him for a long time. And they play with it! Look at this video of this otter juggling his favorite rock.

Why juggle a rock? Because it’s adorable!

But no, really? Because otters use them as tools, like to break open shells of claims and sea creature. Otters have a pouch of skin near their arms–like a pocket! OTTER POCKETS! There, here they keep their favorite rock, so they always have their shell-cracking tool with them. They dive down and forage for food, put it in their pocket, and then come back to the surface. Once on the surface, they float on their backs, and they try to crack the shells of their food with their rocks. Sometimes it looks like they’re eating right off their tummies!

Otters are pretty smart, huh? Well, they sure are cute!

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