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The Best Air Fryer Changed My Life (No Joke!)

What does this affordable air fryer on Amazon have to do with my old toaster oven? Both are examples of how naive I can be.

Maybe you don’t remember when the microwave was invented. That’s cool. But maybe you remember the toast oven band-wagon? Ahh, yes, the toaster oven. I love my toaster oven! Well, I saw this air fryer in a magazine back in February. And it looked really gimmicky, and I totally blew it off. Forgot about it.

Then Amazon Prime Day happened. And my mom sent me and my sister this Cosori air fryer:

Best air fryer
Amazon’s Choice: Cosori Air Fryer

WOW. I mean I hate to exaggerate, but this thing is freakin’ amazing. An air fryer changes everything. CHANGES EVERYTHING. Literally, my mom, my sister, and I have been texting each other pics for the past two weeks of the latest things we’ve been frying up. I tried to up the game by frying a Twinkie.

Food Pics–Because I Can’t Help Myself

Twinkies in an air fryer
Fried Twinkies? Yes, it’s as magical as it sounds. And then they countered me with:

Air fryer bloomin onion

Bloomin’ Onion. Okay, an interesting idea, but this first attempt leaves something to be desired visually (I’m told it was delicious). But then mom raised the bar with these spare ribs.

Air fryer ribs

How fast to make them? Less than 20 minutes between removing the ribs from the fridge to putting them on a plate.

This is what normal families do, right? Spend like $100 on air-fryer? And then share pics of the awesomeness around?

What Makes An Air Fryer So Great?

Okay, so what’s an air fryer? Basically, it’s like a super-duper convection oven–compacted into the size of a toaster oven. It circulates super-heated air around the food quickly and thoroughly and it cooks it extremely quickly:

Air fryers circulate heated air rapidly

But because the air fryer only uses… well, air… you don’t get the added fat from deep frying. (And, hey, clean-up is much easier too). Depending on what you’re making, a little bit of oil can help the cooking process. But you only need a little bit. You don’t have to drown anything in vegetable oil to fry it (gross!)

Here’s an example: so I am doing a low-carb keto thing, so I thought I would whip up some bacon. I normally cook bacon on a baking pan, but this can take a bit of time. I tossed a whole pack of bacon in my air fryer. Pushed the bacon buttons–yes, it has a button just for bacon. BAM!

Air fryer bacon

Ten minutes flat. I’ve tried mozzarella sticks. Vegetables of all kinds.

And for me, that’s the awesome part. I think I’ve really upped my vegetable intake since I’ve gotten this thing, because it’s so easy to cook frozen vegetable packs. I’ve air-cooked green beans, Brussels sprouts, corn on the cob. You name, you can (probably) fry it!

… Also, did I mention the Twinkies? The air fryer is just pretty awesome, and I was completely wrong about it. I haven’t even touched my toaster oven since I got this thing.

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