How I Became A Laundry Detergent Elitist

If your laundry doesn’t smell good, what’s the point? Especially if you’re using a low-capacity washer because you’re still living in your tiny NYC apartment that I hate (did I make that about me?), it means you can afford to start getting fancy with your detergent, like that amazing stuff from The Laundress. So here are our top laundry detergent choices.

Seriously you guys, this smells amazing. Rosewater and aloe. It reminds me of really expensive skincare creams from Sephora, but not the heavy fragrance aisle. The scent is subtle but lasts and keeps my air dried clothes from getting funky. This HE detergent is only available in a two-pack on Amazon. Why buy two at a time? Oh, don’t worry. You’re use all of it, fast.

This is rich people Tide. And now you can afford to use it on your socks and granny panties. It used to be at Brooklinen only, but now it’s available to Amazon Prime members at a decent price. What’s it smell like? Amazing.

The original Tide, accept no imitations! Tide smells like the loving, affectionate family. The quick-collapsing suds of this high-efficiency detergent clean faster and rinse out quicker, even in cold cycles. (Which is great if you’re using an amazing portable washing machine.) Tide HE detergent keeps your whites white and your colors colorful, wash after wash. Smells like my childhood, right?

No bleach, gets rid of really weird odors, and gives me the peace of mind knowing I can wash extremely gross dog blankets and then do my underwear in the next load. But I’m not going to waste my rosewater aloe soap on that gross stuff.

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