Game of Thrones Star Sophie Turner Kills Viral Water Bottle Challenge with Hilarious Video

You can’t “win” the Internet. But someone can definitely win a viral video challenge–by ending it for good.

Despite being on her honeymoon, Sophie Turner is determined to stop the Bottle Cap Challenge. Even if that means posting a video to her Instagram story of her jet-lagged and furious.

Someone (presumably her new husband Joe Jonas) helped Turner shoot a video from her seat on an airplane where she hilariously destroys the viral Bottle Cap Challenge, in which people try to remove bottle caps by kicking them. Mariah Carey chose to use her voice instead. Stars like Jason Statham, John Mayer, and DJ Diplo have all attempted the feat on social media as well.

But Turner wants the Bottle Cap Challenge madness to stop. Taking a page from her Game of Thrones days, she kills the viral craze in a move that George R.R. Martin would approve of as she fakes out fans by appearing to participate in the trend. But then she just opens her bottle of red wine in a completely ordinary way.

“Stop this,” she says to the camera. “Now.” She proceeds to chug her wine while her husband laughs in the background.

Check out Turner’s take-down on Instagram below:

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