Costco Manager Spills All The Top Secrets That Can Save Big Money

Everyone loves Costco. If you’ve ever dropped a large amount of money at Costco, one manager has some shopping secrets to help you save.

Thad Kleszcz is the general manager at the Culver City, California, Costco. He shared some useful information with Inside Edition. Apparently, it all starts with understanding the layout of your Costco store.

“We have a general layout that we want people to follow. We would have what they call the horseshoe, where they go up and down the main aisles,” Thad explained.

When you walk into a Costco, you first see the big-ticket deals. Thad reports, “Electronics right when you walk in. You are going to find some great values on TV sets and computers, laptops.”

As you meander around, you can look closely at the price tag to see whether you’re getting the best deal. If there’s an asterisk and a “.97” in the price, that means the item is being discontinued and is now at its lowest price.

Some of the items, like rotisserie chickens, are almost always a good deal. “It’s a larger chicken, and the price can’t be beat,” Thad said. Costco sells over 87 million rotisserie chickens each year. How does it offer such a deal? That’s a story for a different day.

And for some party time, Costco sells its brand-name vodka (and other beverages) at low price. “You are getting almost half off here. You are getting the same or better quality than you would elsewhere with the Kirkland [Costco’s store brand] name,” Thad explained. Keep in mind that in most states, you don’t have to be a Costco member to purchase alcohol. There are other items, like prescriptions, that you can also buy without being a Costco member.

Thad recommends keeping on top of deals, because some items are one-time-only offerings, and they sell out fast. Many Costco members aren’t even aware you can shop at Costco online (you’ll need a membership for that one). But where’s the fun in not going to Costco?!

Check out the video below to find out the rest of Thad’s money-saving secrets!

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