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    This Rainfall Shower Head Turns My Bathroom into a Spa

    There’s NOTHING I hate more than a really crappy shower head. Every apartment I’ve ever lived in always has a super bad shower head. It sprays like a garden hose, or randomly in every direction, or it’s just a dribble. Then I learned that I can change a shower head ridiculously easily. Like, seriously. So […] More

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    This Down Alternative Comforter That Is Ultra Comfy

    I truly cannot believe that this comforter costs less than $50 because it is the most luxurious bedding I’ve ever slept on. I’ve had mine for about 6 months and none of the filling has become bunched up or clumpy, even after several launderings — in the washer! Because it’s machine washable. It also loops […] More

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    Slim Storage Cart That Makes the Most of Tiny Spaces

    I have this cart in between my washer/dryer combo and the wall. My laundry room doesn’t have much storage, so this thing is a serious lifesaver. It easily fits a standard size bottle of laundry detergent as well as a bunch of other cleaning supplies. You can also put it in your kitchen, garage, or […] More

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    How I Became A Laundry Detergent Elitist

    If your laundry doesn’t smell good, what’s the point? Especially if you’re using a low-capacity washer because you’re still living in your tiny NYC apartment that I hate (did I make that about me?), it means you can afford to start getting fancy with your detergent, like that amazing stuff from The Laundress. So here […] More

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    This Video of These Completely Guilty Dogs Cheered Me Right Up!

    No matter how well you’ve trained your dog is, sometimes they’ll be naughty. Sometimes messy. Unsurprisingly, they forget to clean up after themselves. And a naughty dog eventually gets caught! And what does a naughty dog do after getting caught? He makes his famous guilty face! Watch this guilty dog video compilation video and you […] More

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    Amazon’s Selling a GIANT Beanbag

    Need a serious giant beanbag? Serious nap time and family movie nights are getting a monstrously cozy upgrade. We stumbled on ChillSack, a company that makes enormously comfy giant beanbags. Its largest option is a circular lounger that’s a whopping eight feet in diameter. It’s so freakin’ huge, you could probably fit your entire family […] More