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Amazon’s Selling a GIANT Beanbag

Need a serious giant beanbag? Serious nap time and family movie nights are getting a monstrously cozy upgrade. We stumbled on ChillSack, a company that makes enormously comfy giant beanbags. Its largest option is a circular lounger that’s a whopping eight feet in diameter. It’s so freakin’ huge, you could probably fit your entire family and a friend or two on top. Or, you could just as well hog the whole thing to yourself.

I too like to nap on my enormous beanbag

The ginormous piece of casual furniture is filled with extra-fluffy memory foam (not than those tiny Styrofoam beads that fill traditional bean bags). And it weighs a whopping 92 pounds, so lifting it could easily double as an arm workout.

ChillSack’s sofa-like seat has a removable, machine-washable cover in case any sort of mid-chill-sesh wine spillages occur. Plus, it comes in various colors, ranging from easy-to-match hues like beige, gray, and brown to brighter options like pink, blue, and purple, so you’re sure to find one that perfectly fits your living space or dorm room.

So how does one get their hands — and, more importantly, their derrière — on this giant beanbag? In addition to being sold on ChillSack’s website, the lounger is available for purchase through Amazon, so you can get this cocoon of comfort delivered straight to your doorstep in two days. Prices on Amazon range from $322 to $517 depending on which color and material you choose.

Ahead, take a look at a few photos of the ChillSack in all its cozy glory — you’ll definitely feel inclined to make some room in your home for one of ’em.

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