8 Amazingly Fresh Fruit and Herb Drinks for Summer

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Summer has arrived, and the supermarkets and farmer’s markets are filled with the freshest produce right now just begging to be mixed into a refreshing, artisan cocktails.

But if you don’t drink alcohol, there is no reason to miss out on this fabulous concoctions. Far too often, parties have a fine selection of beer, wine, or and mixers for cocktails but just a sad cooler full of water or generic fruit juice for those who choose to abstain. Fix that at your next party. These amazingly fresh summer libations put faux-cocktails have bold, refreshing ingredients, helping you beat the heat and conquer your thirst without skimping on style or flavor.

And of course, you can always add a splash of liquor to any of the following recipes!

Cucumber Mint Lemonade

Lemonade is already a summer classic for a reason, so try a cooling twist on the original with cucumber, lemon zest, and mint. Talk about backyard bliss! (Image: Give Recipe)

Do you like watermelon? The next one is my fave…

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