The Pacific Crest Trail is a 2,663 mile footpath from Mexico to Canada by way of California, Oregon, and Washington. It passes through 25 national forests and 7 national parks. Mac, who runs the Halfway Anywhere travel blog, filmed at least one second each day of his five-month journey. He produced produced this beautiful 3-minute

Taylor Swift is just as human as the rest of us ― and Jimmy Fallon has proof. On Thursday’s episode of “The Tonight Show,” Fallon revealed a never-before-seen clip of Swift at home after eye surgery. The video shows Swift, wearing a post-op eye mask, getting emotional as she struggles to break a banana off

A couple of weeks ago, we ran a side-by-side shot of this Girls’ Life magazine cover (left, lead image) next to the cover of a Boys’ Life magazine that served as a harsh reminder of the stereotyped messages that are STILL marketed to girls. We weren’t the only ones upets by the cover. After seeing

Sometimes I sit in bed on my phone, and it’s like I can’t get a Wi-Fi signal. Hey, I know it’s there! I was going to throw my router away and get one of those $200 ones. But I recently learned the problem is easier to fix than I thought. If you’re getting ready to

This bridal party turned into Jurassic Park. A Nebraska maid of honor showed up to her sister’s wedding dressed as a dinosaur after the bridal party was given free rein over what they wanted to wear to the ceremony. “When you’re maid of honor and told you can wear anything you choose … I regret

A bunch of majestic horses that spend their days frolicking on the beach in North Carolina’s Outer Banks will not be evacuated. With Hurricane Dorian quickly approaching, the colonial Spanish mustangs will huddle together and ride out the storm using a trick horses have used for centuries. They will move to higher ground and gather

What does this affordable air fryer on Amazon have to do with my old toaster oven? Both are examples of how naive I can be. Maybe you don’t remember when the microwave was invented. That’s cool. But maybe you remember the toast oven band-wagon? Ahh, yes, the toaster oven. I love my toaster oven! Well,

A Tennessee woman carries dying baby to term, after received heartbreaking news in her 18th week of pregnancy. Krysta Davis and her boyfriend Derek Lovett learned their baby Rylei had a rare condition called anencephaly. Where an infant is missing portions of the brain or skull. Babies with anencephaly don’t tend to survive birth let

Calling all plant parents: You can now buy a flower mister that looks *exactly* like a wine bottle, so your greenery can rosé all day too. Although it’s manufactured by a hair company called Framar, and is therefore meant for your hair, folks on the internet have decided it’s the perfect way to water your

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